About Us

The Science Of… is Matt and Shari Brady. Both high school science teachers. Both with an M.S. in Marine Biology. Her with a PhD in Science Education/At Risk Learners, him almost with a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology.

But enough about us.

What we want The Science Of… to be is a place for popular culture to act as a springboard to science education, discussion and information. We’ve dedicated a fair number of years to teaching science, and that’s what we’re looking to do here – but in a way with no tests and no homework.

Through the article side of things (where Matt will mostly live), we’ll be using examples of science and scientific phenomena to talk about real science. No – we’re not looking to rain on anyone’s parade, and we know that what allows Batman and Iron Man to do the things they do is because well, they’re not real. We get that – don’t worry. But what about the times that Iron Man and Batman, or a movie or a television show brushes up against science? We figure that’s a cool time to pull to the side and talk at the cool science. Behind what’s in the comic book, show, movie, book – whatever.

The article side will also be talking to folks, both in the science and the creative side of things about where popular culture and science meet.

On the education side of things, we’re looking to help teachers figure out how to use popular culture in their classrooms and ultimately reap the rewards of doing so. Along with articles and “how to’s” that tackle pedagogy, we’re going to be offering project sheets and other helpful classroom artifacts soon.

We’re also on the comic book convention and science teacher conference circuits – look for announcements about where we’ll be and how things went.

And finally – if you ever have a question about anything that you might’ve seen, or are a teacher and have a question about working some pop culture into a science class, and are looking for help and suggestions, just drop us a note.

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