Snow Day Binge Watch: Frankenstein, MD

f_MDWant to catch up on anatomy, physiology and medicine? Got a little time to watch 24 short-ish episodes? Check out Victoria Frankenstein, Iggy and the rest, as they painlessly educate you.

It’s like a new version of Frankenstein, but instead, Victor is a late-teen girl, and instead of writing things down in a journal, the (soon-to-be) Dr. Frankenstein has her own webseries.

The PBS Digital series, produced by Pemberely Digital, ran from August through October of 2014 and its topics ran the gamut, from the heart’s electrical system to cryopreservation, magnetic stimulation of the brain and lots more. As the series progresses, Victoria Frankenstein, MD (Anna Lore) and Iggy DeLacey’s (Steve Zaragoza) work takes a decidedly darker turn, but keeps up the education.

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