As the other half of the duo here at The Science Of… , it’s my job to translate the pop culture science stories into effective ways of using them in the classroom with a high level of learner engagement.

I’ve either taught or done science for 25 years and will complete a Ph.D in science education by the end of the year, so I guess that makes it sound like I might know a thing or two about this teaching stuff.  The ENGAGE: segments will feature previous links and stories on the science of pop culture by Matt Brady and turn them into activating strategies or engage sections of a science lesson plan.  Hopefully we can give you the tools to get your students to stop talking about what they did this weekend and start talking about science.

In addition to activators, other features of ENGAGE: will include infographics, links and lesson plans all aligned to the Next Generation Science Strands (NGSS) to turn your science classroom into the hip, cool place you always thought it was.


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